Forest Practices Board News Release: Taan Passes Forestry Audit

March 22, 2022

An audit of Taan Forest Limited Partnership’s tree farm licence 60 and Taan Forest Ltd.’s forest licence A87661 on Haida Gwaii has found the company complied with almost all requirements of the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) and the Wildfire Act.


"We are pleased to report that all field practices complied with legal requirements as well as objectives in the Haida Gwaii Land Use Order. Taan appropriately addressed important resource features including riparian areas, visual quality objectives, wildlife habitat, karst, cultural features and cedar stewardship areas.”

- Kevin Kriese, Forest Practices Board Chair


The audit examined forestry activities carried out between September 2019 and September 2021. Activities included harvesting on 36 cutblocks, construction of 45 kilometres and maintenance of more than 1,700 kilometres of road, planting on 54 cutblocks and ensuring forests are regenerating on more than 170 cutblocks. These activities were assessed for compliance with FRPA, the Wildfire Act, applicable regulations and legal orders.


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About the Forest Practices Board: The Forest Practices Board conducts audits and investigations and issues public reports on how well industry and government are meeting the intent of British Columbia’s forest practices legislation. While it does not lay penalties, its recommendations have led directly to improved forest practices such as stronger government decision-making processes and better communication among forestry professionals to manage risks to the environment.


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Taan Forest acknowledges this Report's Auditor of Record and a member of our senior staff share the same surname; however, this occurrence is entirely coincidental and there are no familial associations. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Forest Practices Board communications contact indicated at the bottom of the FPB News Release.