Announcement: Resource Access Road Gate Installation Notice

October 4, 2022

Dear community members,

This is a public announcement to inform our community that Taan Forest will be installing a road gate as a traffic control device on the Jungle South Resource Road. The gate will be installed approximately 285 metres from the highway entrance allowing access to spur JUN1600. The Council of the Haida Nation and the Province of BC have authorized this gate installation.

The Council of the Haida Nation and Taan Forest are concerned for the protection and integrity of a Cedar Stewardship Area and Riparian Reserves located along the road system and at Jungle Creek. The purpose of this gate installation is to protect these sensitive ecosystems and to prevent illegal and unsafe harvesting of trees and dumping of garbage.

The expected date of installation is November 28, 2022, and the gate will be managed by Taan Forest.

If you have any questions, you can visit the Taan Forest office in HlGaagilda Skidegate.

Thank you,

Council of the Haida Nation
Heritage and Natural Resource Department

Taan Forest


Download Announcement PDF