Taan Forest Reforestation Milestone

July 6, 2021

The high market demand for quality timber has been exceptionally beneficial for Taan Forest this year, but our reforestation efforts are indeed a source of pride.


t-21-07-06-blog-004.jpgIn 2021 we have already planted over 210,000 seedlings. The extra effort required to ensure successful ts’uu cedar plantings are what makes these numbers truly extraordinary; each is staked in place and protected with a tree cone to guard against browsing k’aad deer.

So far in 2021, Taan Forest has planted the following:
  • 211,870 53,355 ts’uu western red cedar
  • 27,355 sGaahlan yellow cedar
  • 131,160 others; kayd sitka spruce, k’aang hemlock, and ts’ahl pine.


Since Taan Forest began its reforestation program in 2012, we have planted an incredible 2,695,292 seedlings.
  • 988,883 ts’uu western red cedar
  • 162,285 sGaahlan yellow cedar
  • 1,256,889 kayd sitka spruce
  • 243,005 k’aang hemlock
  • 44,230 ts’ahl lodgepole (shore) pine


Under the same sustainable management regime, the new growth trees from our replanted sites can produce 3,169,650m3 marketable logs upon maturity. These second-growth stands are also far more efficient; harvesting only 60% of the area will have the same volume as the original yield. This efficacy drastically reduces pressure to log old-growth stands. On Xaayda Gwaay.yaay Haida Gwaii, second-growth stands need another 20 years before significant 2nd growth harvesting can occur. Currently, Taan Forest harvests 60-65% second-growth trees.


"We sincerely thank our hardworking crew and independent contractors for their contribution toward reaching this major replanting milestone."


In other good news, Taan Forest has recently received $400,000 in funding from the Forestry Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC), which will be divided equally between ongoing silviculture and riparian work. Since we have consistently met FESBC’s project mandate, this is our third financial boost from them. The projects supported by this funding will also provide new local job opportunities.


As one of Canada's preeminent sustainable forestry operations, Taan Forest will implement many innovative technologies and new practices in the forthcoming year. We look forward to sharing more very soon.