Logging Road Safety Tips

July 12, 2021

The construction of resource roads is to develop and protect local natural resources. Logging trucks and firefighting equipment must be able to use the roads without delay. If you choose to use resource roads for recreation access, please do so with care by following these important safety tips:

  1. Seatbelts must be on while travelling.
  2. Drive with headlights on at all times - this includes your tail lights.
  3. Do not drive by a two-way radio - it is a tool to hear oncoming traffic.
  4. Expect the unexpected around every corner - keep tight to the right on all corners. Drive on your side (right side) of the road.
  5. Drive the posted speed limit - do not exceed 60 km/hr on logging roads. Slow down according to road conditions and weather.
  6. Logging trucks have the right of way - use pullouts to get into the clear. When trucks call “loaded long” do not use pullouts on outside corners, use pullouts on straight stretches or inside corners.
  7. Keep loose equipment and gear secure inside the cab of the vehicle.
  8. Slow down to 10km/hr when passing work crews - get clearance from operators if passing machines - including graders.
  9. Park vehicles pointed towards town.
  10. Always use an ashtray - every year, half of all forest fires in BC are caused by people. To report a wildfire dial *5555 or call 1.800.663.5555.