Protecting and Managing Haida Gwaii Goshawk

August 26, 2021

Many of the Higher-Level plans associated with Stads K'un Haida Gwaii Goshawk protection and recovery strategy focus on a reactive approach to management.  A reactive approach generally focuses on the preservation and the establishment of set reserve and management areas without evaluation and determining the Goshawk’s actual needs.  

The Taan Management Strategy focuses on a proactive approach to goshawk management within Taan tenures to manage for Goshawk habitat and forage needs based on past and current conditions of individual known and potential Goshawk territories.  The strategy follows current legislated requirements but at an individual territory level of forage use, habitat enhancement techniques and prey management.

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Did you know Stads K'un Haida Gwaii Goshawks are the official bird of Xaayda Gwaay.yaay Haida Gwaii?



Video Presentation by Christophe Boyer:

Forest Restoration on Haida Gwaii: Implications for Goshawk Habitat


Northern_Goshawk_139_(24944225498).jpg vis Creative CommonsWhat Makes Stads K'un So Special?

According to a recent study by University of British Columbia researchers, Haida Gwaii's population of northern goshawks is the last remnant of a highly distinct genetic cluster of the birds.

Researchers estimate the population of birds may have been evolving separately on Haida Gwaii for 20,000 years — right around the last time the glaciers melted, causing the sea levels to rise and potentially separating the birds from their kin. Distinctly smaller and darker in colour, scientists think that the group of goshawks found in Haida Gwaii is genetically adapted to the forest environment where they live.


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Stads K'uns Nesting Site | Photo Credit: Elin Price