Foss 153 Diesel Spill Dinan Bay Haida Gwaii

May 1, 2020

For Immediate Release

May 01, 2020, 15:00 PST

Final Unified Command Joint Advisory:
Foss 153 Diesel Spill Diinan Kahlii Dinan Bay Haida Gwaii

Following the intense spill response last week, efforts are now being directed to shoreline monitoring and environmental sampling:

  • Biologists are sampling water, soil and marine life to assess impacts. Sampling will continue.
  • All deployed spill response gear has been collected for disposal in compliance with the Waste Management Plan.
  • Taan Forest conducted a low-level helicopter flight and identified small amounts of sheen to which ground crews were directed for shoreline monitoring.
  • Currently, there has been no observations of recoverable oil however non-recoverable sheens have been observed and will be assessed.


A virtual Unified Command (UC) continues to oversee the incident and will remain in place until sampling is complete and shoreline clean up endpoints have been reached. UC includes representatives from HaiCo (Taan Forest), the Council of the Haida Nation, Canadian Coast Guard, and BC Ministry of Environment. Unified Command is also supported by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Environment and Climate Change Canada. Due to Coronavirus (COVID19), on-island resources are being utilized on the ground and all meetings are occurring via teleconference. The First Nations Health Authority continues to assist the Environmental Unit.



  • Spill reported early Wednesday morning, April 22, of 4500L from FOSS 153. Initial estimates from a NASP overflight found 1900L on the water, with over 50% evaporating and dissipating within the first 24hrs. On Thursday, April 30th, the NASP overflight reported no visible sheen or recoverable product.
  • Oil-absorbing booms and sorbent pads were deployed upon discovery.
  • During recovery efforts, the focus was on deflecting diesel plumes from shorelines and environmentally and culturally sensitive sites. All booms and absorbent materials were collected by the afternoon of April 24, 2020.
  • Additional spill response prepared for deployment should monitoring discover further areas to action.

UC wishes to commend those on the water and the shoreline, for all their efforts. All agencies worked closely with Taan Forest to ensure that the spill was addressed as quickly as possible and UC continues to work diligently to minimize possible impacts.


For Further Information:

  • Karen Dean (250) 626-9722
  • Sonia Rice (250) 626-9049


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