FSP Amendment Notice

October 9, 2020

Notice is hereby given that Taan Forest has received a major amendment approval to their approved Forest Stewardship Plan for TFL 60 and FLC A87661 adding new licenses A97524 and FNWL N1G (The Haida Tenure) without having been made publicly available for review and comment.

The new licences occupy the same land base as FLTC A87661. A97524 is a two year licence in place after A87661 expired September 29, 2020. Taan Forest is still waiting approval of the FNWL N1G Management Plan. A97524 will allow harvesting to continue in the Haida Tenure Area until the FNWL Management Plan is approved. The FNWL N1G Management Plan was advertised January 31st and February 7th 2020 for public review and comment.

Operations are expected to start in A97524 with approval of the first cutting permit October 27th 2020.

A copy of the FSP can be found on our website at Taanforest.com/resource-planning


Question or comments may be directed to:

  • Jeff Mosher, RPF, Taan Forest. P.O. Box 1384, Unit #3, Commercial Centre, 848 Highway 16, Skidegate, Haida Gwaii. V0T 1S1
  • By email: 2017FSP@Taanforest.com
  • By Phone: 250-559-2337

Download Notice PDF