Contract Opportunity: Tree Planting

November 29, 2021


Work Opportunity

2-year contract for tree planting and tree protector installation on forest tenures managed by Taan Forest.


Cutblocks located on Graham, Moresby, and Louise Islands, Haida Gwaii.

Summary of Contract Opportunity

Carry out tree planting, protector installation, associated storage and tracking of trees for the 2022 & 2023 planting programs for Taan Forest.  
In addition to managing your own planting crew, this contract will potentially include the mentorship and supervision of a smaller planting crew (5-10 person) that will be working separately from this contract, referred to hereafter as ‘additional planting crew’. 

  • 2022 – Planting of +/- 395,000 trees and installation of +/- 206,000 tree protectors over a total area of approximately 542ha. 
  • 2023 – Planting of +/- 520,000 trees and installation of +/- 280,000 tree protectors over approximately 647ha.


Interested, SAFE certified companies or organizations must include in their submission:

  1. A cover letter describing their company, corporate history and why their company should receive the contract;
  2. Local Haida Contractors and utilization of local workers will be a large advantage. Crew size to be used for this project is recommended to be a minimum of 15 people. A list of employees, along with a signed declaration of employees’ residence and ancestry, is to be submitted using the provided ‘Employee List’ (The declaration ‘must’ be verified/ supported with photocopies of a valid government photo ID (i.e.,  Driver’s Licence, etc.) with address; for Haida Ancestry a copy of a Status Card);
  3. Relevant work history including at least two successfully completed contracts planting over 100,000 trees each;
  4. References; and
  5. Contract Rates –$/tree, $/cone installation and supervisor rate for supervising additional planting crew $/person day are to be submitted using the provided ‘Bid Sheet’.


The evaluation of successful contractors will be based on the following weighting system:

  1. Local employment (50%)

    • Local contractor (25%)

    • Local employees (% of local employees) (25%)

  2. Contract rates (25%);

    • Overall cost of planting bid (22%)

    • Supervisor rate $/day for supervising additional planting crew (3%)

  3. Capacity/project capability (crew size, vehicles, tree storage facilities) (10%);

  4. Previous work experience (5%); and

  5. Past performance with Taan Forest and/ or reference checks (10%).

Taan will provide all planting stock, protectors and cedar stakes, as required for the contract; it will be the Contractor’s responsibility to properly cold store trees and deliver trees, stakes, protectors and crew to site.



Attachments to review or to be completed for the RFP:


Documents, to be provided by Taan Forest. RFP package can be downloaded via link below:



Project TERM:

March 15th, 2022 – June 30th, 2023

  • 1St Planting Contract: March 15th, 2022 – June 30th, 2022
  • 2nd Planting Contract: TBD (similar)


Deadline for Submission:

Dec. 21, 2021, at 3:00 pm


Contract Standards:

The successful bidder’s RFP, rates and employee declaration will become a binding part of the contract. Failure to fulfill RFP commitments will result in contract termination. The winning bidder will be held by the contract to uphold the number of local employees as indicated in their RFP Parties will be contacted after Jan. 4, 2022



Operations Forester: Bill Crocker
(250) 559-2337 ext. 229 / (250) 418-1258


Download Opportunity PDF