Contract Opportunity: Road Grading

June 6, 2022



Taan Forest Limited Partnership (Taan) is requesting proposals for road grading support on the Haida Tenures TFL 60 and FNWL N1G. Taan manages over 1900 kilometres of road on Haida Gwaii. Routine maintenance is required on these roads. Grading will be performed on Main lines and Secondary roads accessing harvest areas, planned harvest areas and Access for public to recreational areas


Summary of Contract Opportunity:

Grading must meet specifications of the Taan’s Road Supervisor including but not limited to:

  • Positive drainage towards ditch and crowning ½” per foot (shoulders lower than centerline)
  • Potholes must be undercut and not simply filled
  • No gravel berm or windrow (double ditch) left in-between the road and the ditch
  • Moldboard/ blades required for reshaping and potholes (serrated) and Flat blades for maintenance/ upkeep of roads
  • Snow plowing as required



  • Cover letter with summary
  • Ability to complete work (list of Equipment, size of equipment and previous experience)
  • Commitment to hire and train local (people who live on Haida Gwaii) including number of people
  • Proposed rate hourly and/or daily
    • Rates are all found including transportation, mechanical work, repairs
  • BC Forestry Safety Council Safe Company number
  • Worksafe BC number
  • References



In no specific order:

  • Ownership of company (Haida Owned and Local Haida Gwaii ownership take precedence)
  • Past experience/ performance with Taan Forest
  • Ability to hire local and number of local people employed with this work. Preference to Haida workers
  • Ability to complete the work with available resources
  • Rate to complete the work)



  • Grading haul roads during hauling and harvesting activities
  • Grading non-haul roads and heavily travelled public roads as timing permits
  • Other grading and designated grading at Taan’s Road Supervisor direction.
  • Placement of crew working/ grader working signage and radio monitoring required
  • Working with other graders on Haida Tenures and access to Haida Tenures under direction of Roads Supervisor
  • Informing Taan’s Road Supervisor of road issues beyond graders capability to correct



DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: July 15th, 2022 at 3:00 pm.

Parties will be contacted after July 16, 2022 based upon their submissions and advised of next steps.

  • By e-mail:; Subject Road Grading Proposal
  • In Person: - Unit 3 Skidegate Commercial Centre, 848 Highway 16, Skidegate
  • Questions, Additional Information: Jesse Stromquist (778) 260-5856 or Jud Jones (250) 626-7527


Download Opportunity PDF