Contract Opportunity: Protector Removal and Fertilization

September 28, 2020


WORK OPPORTUNITY: Carry out Protector Removal and Fertilization on stands within Taan Forest Tenure Areas.
LOCATION: Various areas of Graham Island, Haida Gwaii

Summary of Contract Opportunity:

Carry out tree protector removal/recycling and disposal as well as fertilization of Cedar stems on approximately 183 ha over 10 blocks within the Graham Island area. The contractor will be responsible for their own transportation to the cutblocks and transportation of cones/garbage back to Port Clements.
The successful bidder will be responsible to transport the 25kg fertilizer bags to the work site and spread the fertilizer by hand around individual cedar trees. Approximately 1 soup can full of fertilizer around the drip line of the cedar tree will be applied.
In-block roads are deactivated / partially deactivated quad access may not be available for these roads; site review is recommended. If camping is required to complete the contract, the successful bidder is responsible to ensure legal camp standards are followed.
Commencement of this contract is subject to change and the final number of tree protector removal and fertilization are subject to funding allocations.



Interested companies or organizations must include in their submission:

  1. A cover letter describing their company and why their company should receive the contract.
  2. A description of how the project will be conducted with the crew and how the project will be completed within the completed timeframe/project milestones.
  3. Crew size to be used for this project including a list of employees that will be used, along with their employee’s proof of residence (driver licence, government ID with address, Certificate of Indian Status).
  4. Previous ‘forestry’ related experience pertinent to this contract (i.e., Other spacing projects, training).
  5. Work References
  6. Completion of the contract bid sheet.



The evaluation of successful contractor will be based on:

  1. Local company (25%)
  2. Number of Local Employees (20%)
  3. Experience with similar projects (20%)
  4. Rates (25%)
  5. Past performance with Taan Forest or reference checks (10%).




TERM: October 19th, 2020 – December 31st, 2020
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: October 9th, 2020 at 4:00 pm.

Contract Standards:

The successful bidder’s RFP will become a binding part of the contract. The winning bidder will be held by the contract to uphold the number of Haida and local employees as indicated in their RFP.
Parties will be contacted after October 11th, 2020.


For Contract Packages & Questions Contact:

Bill Crocker, Operations Forester (250) 418-1258 or


Download Opportunity PDF