Contract Opportunity: Innovative Harvesting Practice Pilot Project

July 23, 2018


Taan Forest is requesting proposals from Haida Gwaii harvesting contractors that would like to be part of an Innovative Harvesting Practice pilot project within Taan Tenures in Queen Charlotte’s Honna community watershed. The project will require the falling, extraction and delivery of marked second growth stems without damaging surrounding residual trees. Maintaining stand structure, water quality, recreation potential and value of extracted timber will be the focus. An estimated 12% of the total volume will be removed.
Interested contractors will require within their RFP a plan of extracting the volume including equipment and methodology. In addition to technique, contractors must provide experience and examples of similar projects or commercial thinning projects they may have been involved with.This project will be based on hourly productive work and not a m3 rate. The lowest rate will not necessarily be a deciding factor for this project. Technique and experience will be heavily weighted for this project to succeed.

Identified trails within the harvest area will be the responsibility of the contractor to construct. This RFP however has an optional road construction and road reactivation component. The small portion of road must be constructed to industrial road standards. Reactivation required must prevent siltation, organic build up and must control water flow and quality while still ensuring the reactivated road can uphold to truck and machine traffic. As part of the RFP interested contractors should indicate their interest to build and reconstruct the roads, including associated linear rates to perform the road work. The successful contractor may not be responsible for the road construction and reconstruction if included in their RFP.


Block Details

Location: Graham island
Block Name: HON001
Harvest Area: 20.8 ha
Harvest Volume: +/- 1800

Overview maps and harvest plans can be picked up at the Taan Skidegate Office or can be downloaded below.

The successful applicant will be required to implement and conform to the Taan Forest Corporate Management System, environmental standards, and utilization/ quality specifications. All wood will remain the property of Taan Forest and will be marketed at their discretion.


Summary of Work and Criteria

The evaluation for a successful contractor will be based on provision of local employment = 25% (15% local Haida Gwaii, 10% Haida Ancestry), local ownership of company 15%. Machinery to conduct work 25%, Ability/ Experience to complete work 20%, past performance with Taan 10%, Hourly rates 5%.



Anticipated Start Date August 15th 2018. Deadline for submission: August 5th 2018. Parties will be contacted after August 5th based upon their submissions and advised of the next steps.


Submission Requirements

  • Cover letter
  • Proposed related to above criteria
  • List of Equipment to be used
  • Hourly Productive rates of Machinery and personnel. Taan will not pay for standby time or down time
  • Safe Company Certification
  • References



By email: - Subject: "HON001 Innovative Harvesting, Attention General Manager".
In Person: Taan Office Skidegate Commercial Centre
Questions, additional information requests and block viewing, contact Richard Jones (250) 559-2337 or


Deadline for Submission: August 5th 2018