Contract Opportunity: Damaged Timber Harvesting

May 29, 2019


Taan Forest Limited Partnership (Taan) is requesting proposals to harvest damaged timber within the Dinan Area of TFL 60.  Proposals must include the ability to complete the work (equipment and previous experience) to harvest and transport logs to a designated scale site, a commitment to hire local (people who live on Haida Gwaii) and utilize on-island resources.  Local contractors that currently do not have a 5 year contract with Taan Forest are encouraged to provide a proposal for this opportunity.   



Conduct damaged timber (dead & down) harvesting/ salvage within the area defined on map and transport logs to designated scale site.
The successful contractor will be provided a harvest rate by log sort.  Bonus rates are provided for preferred sorts.
All wood is the ownership of Taan Forest unless relinquished through a Fibre Transfer Agreement at which time the successful contractor may purchase the fibre from Taan Forest.


Location: Graham Island
Area Name: Dinan

Overview maps and General Contract Particulars can be picked up at the Taan Office located at the Skidegate Commercial Center or at  
The successful applicant will be required to implement and conform to the Taan Forest Corporate Management System, environmental standards, and utilization/quality specifications. 


The applicant must be a registered company within BC, be in good standing with Work Safe BC and be certified as “Safe Company” with the BC Forestry Safety Council – no exceptions.
Failure to meet the above criteria will be considered an invalid submission.


The evaluation for a successful contractor will be based on the following provision:

  • Haida owned company - 25%

  • Local day to day workers in the field - 25%

  • Capability to complete the work based on equipment and personnel - 20%

  • Past performance with Taan Forest and/or reference checks - 15%

  • Previous work experience - 15%


TERM: July 1, 2019 – Dec 31, 2020 


  • Cover Letter with summary

  • Proposal related to above criteria including:

    • List of equipment to be used

    • Copy of Company registration or certificate of incorporation

    • Copy of Safe Certified certificate with same company name as registered/ incorporation name

    • Work Safe BC Clearance letter linking Safe Company Certificate with Work Safe Registration Number

    • List of employees

    • Relevant past work experience

    • References



  • Via e-mail:; Subject Salvage Harvesting Opportunity, attention Planning Manager
  • In Person: Taan Forest Office - Skidegate Commercial Centre

Parties will be contacted after June 18, 2019 based upon their submissions and advised of the next steps.


Questions, Additional Information/ Requests


Download Opportunity PDF


Taan Forest Limited Partnership (Taan) is committed to creating a successful forest business and economy on Haida Gwaii based on the management principles of the Strategic Land Use Agreement. The underlying goal is to maximize the benefits from the forest resource on Haida Gwaii and for the Haida Nation. Specifically, manage for long term sustainability, increase the number of local logging and manufacturing jobs on Haida Gwaii, extract the best value possible from the areas harvested, and manage the business prudently and effectively.