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Maintaining Monumental Cedar

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As a 100% Xaayda Haida owned company, it’s not only our duty but our privilege to identify and protect Monumental Cedar trees. Using the criteria set out by Xaayda Haida carvers, Monumentals are identified, and each year, a few are harvested to support the Cultural Wood Access program. 

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Looking for cultural wood?

Monumental cedar trees are for Xaayda Haida citizens —to be used for cultural and spiritual uses and to create traditional Xaayda Haida products. Taan Forest identifies and sets aside Monumental Cedar for the Cultural Wood Access program, giving every Xaayda Haida access to these trees for cultural purposes. 


applying for cultural wood

If you’re interested in applying for trees for a cultural project like a totem pole, canoe, or longhouse, you can complete the Cultural Wood Access Permit application and work with a Process Coordinator to verify your project and match timber to your proposed project.