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An Ethical Forest Company in Service to the Haida Nation

our team culture

Taan Forest is owned by the Haida Nation and operates in the highest ethical fashion. Our shareholders demand that our practices be industry leading with respect to sustainability and cultural awareness. By joining Taan Forest you will be working with a team of foresters who are committed to the communities of Haida Gwaii and the culture of its peoples.

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opportunities for qualified contractors

Taan Forest relies on the skilled foresters throughout BC to help us manage our resources. The following are the contracts we currently have out for tender. To apply, please follow the instructions in each application.


Taan Forest strives to make full use of Haida Gwaii’s timber resources. We hire local companies to help us salvage timber from most of our cut blocks.

Harvest Blocks

Taan Forest relies on the skilled contractors on Haida Gwaii to help us in harvesting our cut blocks.

Silviculture Projects

In order to meet our obligations to our various stakeholders, Taan Forest will have a number of silvaculture projects throughout the year. In order to apply for the following contracts please follow the instructions on the application.

Wood Milling

Taan Forest, harvests some of the finest quality red cedar, yellow cedar, spruce and hemlock in the world. We seek the highest quality mills to help us with milling the wood for local and international markets.

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