The Haida Story

The Haida warrior launches his 40-man war canoe from the misty and rocky shores. With the advantage of speed, he quickly leaves behind the pristine and untouched rainforest of Haida Gwaii. Exquisitely crafted from the giant red cedar on Haida Gwaii, these canoes were highly coveted by other nations up and down the coast. In each village, canoe makers would craft their canoes throughout the fall and winter. In the spring, the ultimate test began.

Today, this ancient trade in finely crafted wood products continues. The same quality coastal wood fibre that created the war canoes, majestic totems, mystical masks and ceremonial drums of the Haida people is available today. Wood products sold world-wide are crafted from our wide range of Western Red Cedar, Sitka Spruce, Hemlock and Yellow Cedar.

Haida canoe Taan Forest: From the Spirit of Haida Gwaii
From the spirit of Haida Gwaii and shaped by the Haida Nation emerges Taan Forest. Taan Forest manages 270,000 acres of ancient Haida Gwaii rainforest, harvesting activity and the production and sales of specialty wood products. The Haida people have inhabited this land for more than 12,000 years; sustainable timber harvesting and production is firmly entrenched in the Haida culture.

Haida wood carving Sustainable Access to Scarce Premium Wood
Along with access to Taan Forest's supply of premium Western Red Cedar, Sitka Spruce, Hemlock and Yellow Cedar timber, you and your customers will be contributing to sound and sustainable forest management that reflect the values of the Haida Nation, helping to improve employment opportunities and maintain the ancient traditions and way of life on Haida Gwaii.

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