Protecting Our Land

Shaped by the Haida Nation for the Haida People
Shaped by the Haida Nation under HAICO (Haida Enterprise Corporation), Taan Forest will manage 270,000 acres of ancient Haida Gwaii rainforest. Fifty percent of the land will be protected, and on twenty-five percent, Taan will use logging practices to sustainably manage this sensitive forest, while improving employment opportunities and benefits for the Haida people and all Haida Gwaii communities.

"We have determined what lands and values will be protected, we have also determined a more responsible set of regulations to look after the natural and cultural values. We cut the logging back to a more sustainable level and are now ready to start bringing the benefits home." — Guujaaw, President of the Haida Nation 2000 to 2012

Implementation of sustainable forest management practices begins with a strong corporate commitment that is further supported by forest management planning:

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