It's 1842 and the Haida woman sits on a large rock at the edge of the rainforest on Haida Gwaii. She hears a noise, and looks up from ceremonial drum she's crafting from a carefully selected Sitka spruce. In the distance, she sees a war canoe returning from battle. As the canoe lands ashore, only 25 of the original 40 warriors emerge. It was a fierce battle, but the canoe served them well. It's strong single log construction of the finest grain western red cedar brought the remaining warriors safely home.

Logging for Enduring Quality and Sustainability
It's 2016, and just as the ancient Haida peoples sustainably logged their land, selecting individual trees to best fit the needs of their craft – whether it be a totem, a ceremonial drum or a war canoe - so does Taan Forest. Using processes like heli-logging, Taan is able to select individual high quality timber, suitable for your fine craft. Like the original Haida people, you can be assured that you are passing along the most sustainable forestry best practices to your customers.

Exclusive Access to the West Coast's Finest Trees
Majestic western red cedar, yellow cedar, western hemlock and Sitka spruce of the finest quality are hard to find. With new access to 270,000 acres on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), Taan Forest, as incorporated by the Haida Nation, has exclusive access to some of the world's finest and most exclusive timber.

Custom Cut for Your Fine Craft
Through our sustainable logging practices, we will handpick and custom cut these second type and old type western red cedar, yellow cedar, Sitka spruce and western hemlock logs to your exact specifications – for use in your fine craft.

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